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Phone/Fax: 604 503 1252

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Delivering your fuel needs at your doorstep

We Are Located At

16384 Fraser Hwy
Surrey, British Columbia
V4N 0G4 , Canada


Convenience Store


Vehicular and Bottle Propane

Free Air /Wifi

Gasoline (87/89/91 octane)

Pay at the Pump

Wheelchair Accessible Washroom

Phone cards/ Recharge

Self Service

A Little More About Us

West Coast Fuels came into existence in January 2017 after it made its humble beginnings in 1988, as probably the only gas station eastbound between Highway 1A and Highway 15. In 2017 the brand changed and with it changed everything. We realised that our patrons were paying a higher price for ‘a brand’. We had a vision to offer the same gas to our patrons, as all gas comes from refineries and is compositionally the same, at a price which would not include the price of ‘the brand’. We lost some committed ‘brand’ patrons, but we welcomed a large number of other price conscious patrons. A lot of people came to understand that the low price of gas at some of the large outlets actually serve the same gas, at a considerably lower price compared to the ‘big brand’ gas stations. Our motto-‘Quality gas for all at an affordable price.

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Phone : (604) 594-0020

Phone/Fax: 604 503 1252